星期五, 3月 09, 2007

星期三, 3月 07, 2007

Excalion - Waterlines

1. The wingman Reinhören
2. Life on fire Reinhören
3. Losing time Reinhören
4. Ivory Tower Reinhören
5. I failed you Reinhören
6. Arriving as the dark Reinhören
7. Streams of madness Reinhören
8. Delta sunrise Reinhören
9. Between the lines Reinhören
10. Soaking ground Reinhören
11. Yövartio (Finnish Version of Arriving as the dark) Bonus Reinhören
12. Losing time (Videoclip)

Recorded and mixed in Watercastle studio by Arttu Sarvanne, May 2006
Produced by Excalion
Mastered by R.D. Liapakis & Christian Schmid at Music Factory Studios, Germany, January 2007
Japanese version: Mastered in Digital Audio by Jon Blamire, June 2006
Cover-art by Jason Juta
Booklet design by Lufra
Band photos by Timo Sahlberg

All music by Jarmo Myllyvirta

Lyrics by Jarmo Myllyvirta (tracks 2,3,5,10,12)
Tero Vaaja (tracks 1,4,6,8,11)
Henri Pirkkalainen (track 7)
Myllyvirta/Vaaja (track 9)

Song arrangements by Excalion
Female vocals in tracks 1,3,8,10 by Taru Harjula

Lyrics / Waterlines

1. The Wingman
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja)

Here lies the formless world we´re living in
Gravity is finally giving in
Bad dreams appear to me as cloudy haze
To lose sight of you is to disengage

High altitudes and still upward we go
I was never meant to lead but to follow

We are
like a double shining shooting star
Unheard-of things in earthly radar
One day
I could speed up and soar too high
A dying star would light the sky

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder why
are there no stronger winds for me to ride
But to lose sight of you is to disengage
Arrogance would be my last disgrace

2. Life On Fire
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Myllyvirta)

Patience is a thing that we don´t have
We rush into things that we don´t understand
Life floods in our newborn veins
Intoxicating our reason in brain

All is new to us, in all we trust
Life is our lust

Fast we will run towards our destiny
All is ahead, we will never be the same
Now I will know there´s much more than this
The knowledge does not bring the wisdom of this game

The night comes too early, our time has come
To take a step forward to the real world
We all don´t make it thru, some´ll fall behind
They make their choice, to not even try

Now the things are clear, to us to fear
And what to hold dear

Fast we will run towards our destiny
All is ahead, we will never be the same
Now I will know there´s a much more than this
The knowledge does not bring the wisdom of this game

3. Losing Time
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Myllyvirta)

Arriving to oblivion, I am just waking up
If all this is reality, worse than a bad dream
It´s hard to stay awake in here where we all look each others faults
One day it must be clear that no one is save from those

Look at yourself, this road´s a dead end
I have been lost in this dream of mine
Can anyone tell, what has happened?
Is all too late? I´m losing time

All changes make me grumble, telling me to speak up
All thoughts in distortion, make all look strange
Who is the one, who will help me to separate from old
Who will come, running to me when the moment is told

Look at yourself, this road´s a dead end
I have been lost in this dream of mine
Can anyone tell, what has happened?
Is is too late? When remorse fades your hope away

The darkness grows near there´s no moment to lose

4. Ivory Tower
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja)

Some days I might rejoice
My face shining with self-praise
Everyone else is inferior
The force to seal my doors
To ignore the voice of yours
Always makes me feel superior

This is the fortress of me
Foundations in vanity

Here I´ve built myself high
Head of mine scrapes the black sky
Celebrating my authority
I shall answer no calls
My halls protected by walls
Harbour of my precious sanctity

This is the fortress of me
Foundations in vanity

Ivory tower standing fast
Standing tall
I pictured myself
Show me how much will burn with me
Tumbling down
As one day shall
My tower fall

5. I Failed You
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Myllyvirta)

This task was burden
It was placed on my shoulders
The goal is near
But I lose all the answers

Suffer in my eyes
Defeat comes to conquer me
Are these goodbyes?
No escape to victory

I promised to keep you safe, for eternity
Now you realize what my words are worth
I promised to keep you warm, forever
Here in the end I pray you still keep forth

Drain out of strength
Left you on your own
All was a play
It was I who left you down

In words forgiveness
All is doomed to fail
The fear that hides within
Leaves in soul a trail

Weeping heart longs for rest, tonight
I travel by the memory lane
There’s no life in the void, ever
But I remain still the same

6. Arriving As The Dark
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja)

How different are the doors and walkways when it´s dark outside
The sounds and memories appear to twist and turn the mind
The rainy days have gone on far too long to be recalled
I crossed a line
and now it´s time
for another night

Looking for me
behind the windowpane
the phantom face
words seem to be in vain
Looking for me
Arriving as the dark
the shadowy
dream-thing who bears a scarred mark

How different are the minds and mind-plays when it´s dark inside
I get the strongest boards to block all of my windows tight
The walls around me rise as ramparts, make me safe and sound
And still I´m far
further from home
than ever before

7. Streams Of Madness
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Pirkkalainen)

Rising up from this bed of haze
The window´s closed still I feel the breeze
Can´t recall what I´ve said or done
Drifting away into subconsciousness

Lost within myself can´t find
Any place to hideaway from myself
A bitter feeling in my mind
Devastates me, leads astray
And now I see what this pain holds for me

Cold outside the mist fills the air
Distant voice speaking through my fear
Faces seen all a blur to me
Fading away into subconsciousness

Beams of light are cracking the sky
I stare in confusion
Streams of madness flow inside
There is no end in sight

8. Delta Sunrise
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja)

Men of the times long gone
kept count of the days
Observed and memorized
the movements of the stars

Turned to the river with an invitation
And each year it answered them
In rising waters a new beginning
The weary land brought to life again

I can hear them speak to me

I watch the sunrise
Come forth high water, come forth new life
The stranger who once was lost
has arrived into a haven

I spend a rare moment
in serenity
Days gone and days to come
and me in between

Today I hear the voices of the past
The songs float by along the riverbanks
And here the wheel of time has come around
Let the river flood over me

9. Between the Lines
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja, Myllyvirta)

I was told to look behind the eyes
But it seems our vision is not clear
The things inside can hardly be set free
Between the lines there are some things I never
want to hear

I tried to convince myself
The feeling is true
Regain understanding
Once between me and you
Create communication
In the play we are the cast
Maintain situation
Where the hope could last

Former days are fading memories
The stage is set and the plot is cruel
Like sovereigns we move the borderlines
Some day we must learn how to not destroy
divide and rule

Somewhere along the way we lost
the course and direction
Teach me to beat against the wind
To not run aground

10. Soaking Ground
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Myllyvirta)

The call arrived, to fight for the cause none of their own
The choice denied, taken from home, leaving it alone
They won´t see, what lays ahead
When the sun has failed and they are dead

Goodbyes are hard to say
Under the sky of cold and gray

Have you heard the sound of wind
Heard the voices that it carries
You felt the age of the field
Learned the secrets that beneath are buried

No fear, my boys, they say
Marching with the flags of thousand
No fame in the coward´s way
Peptalk before the charge command

Visions from their lives
Passing by their eyes

The voices of souls encaptured
Echo throughout history
Longing for peace to rest
To lay in harmony

Hatred’s hollowed their existence
For centuries passed by
Much was paid in blood
Soaking ground makes me cry

Last night around, around the table of love and warmth
The high ground, invincible like a raging storm

Towards the reckless hate
To test your fate

11. Yövartio (bonus track)
(Finnish Version of Arriving As The Dark)
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Vaaja)

On jalat rauhattomat monet ovet kiertäneet
Ja aina poispäin johtaa lyhyemmät askeleet
On asioita, joita liian kauan pohdittiin
ja haudattiin

Sut palkitaan
jos sisään käydä saan
Jos sallitaan
ja portit avataan
Ei valvomaan
kanssansa pyytää saa
jos yöt on hoitaa haavojaan

Siellä missä vartioin on levotonta iltaisin
Vihanhuuto kirjoitettu seinään mustin kirjaimin
Sä sanoit ettet enää nukkua voi päivisin
Sen takaisin
vain yöksikin

Kuin kulkumies uupunut
ja kaukana kotoaan
Kai lähti uneni etsimään
isäntää parempaa

11. Access Denied (Japanese Bonus Track)
(Music: Myllyvirta, Lyrics: Myllyvirta)

I like to be lost in starlight
Shattered beauty of a little child

I have come here a long way
Beyond the winds, but I won´t stay
I´m done with those who betray
Anymore nothing goes astray

All unfolds, bitter and realized

Alone I stand with the memories
Tensions arise, bad it feels
Flashback from years behind
Forget is solution I´ll find

I watch from far the ball of vanity
Mindless games of insanity

Try to learn from lived events
Of wisdom it all depends
Acceptance, and the walls are breached
Supremacy is out of our reach

Story´s told, bitter and realized
Access is denied

Alone I stand with the memories
Tension arise, bad it feels
Flashback from years behind
Forget is solution I´ll find

Show me why the door is closed
Why, why I´m not chosen
Help me understand my anger
Hold my hand before a stranger