星期二, 9月 27, 2005

王建民 本季第8勝

今天王建民的前四局投球 可以說是非常完美
不但沒有任何安打出現 也連續解決12名打者
可惜第5局好像出了什麼狀況 被擊出4支安打
包括一支2分全壘打 還好及時穩住陣腳

聯合報 報導:

Veteran players make rookies wear women's clothing on the team plane for a road trip contiuing a rookie hazing tradition in baseball.

星期六, 9月 24, 2005

Maddux 13th win

而小熊今年只剩下9場賽事 小熊的總教練則說

他總共主投8局 78球裡有55球是好球
沒有投出任何4壞球 只被擊出4支安打 三振4人
唯一較難看的是 他本季的防禦率
高達4.14 跟他在全盛時期

很高興他還有機會 再挑戰記錄
在大聯盟征戰 還是讓我非常興奮!


Maddux beats Brewers for 13th win

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Greg Maddux wants to keep his streak alive -- the right way.
Maddux mixed efficient work on the mound with a quick glove to lead the Chicago Cubs past the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 on Thursday.

Maddux (13-13) has won at least 15 games in a record 17 seasons. The Cubs have nine games left this year, and Chicago manager Dusty Baker has tinkered with his rotation to give Maddux the ball two more times.

"I'd love to win my last two starts," he said. "I'd like to finish over .500 personally, but you've got to go about it the right way."
Maddux did Thursday in earning his 318th career win, tying him with Phil Niekro for 15th on the career list. He plans to pursue Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton, next on the list at 324, by pitching again next season, which would be his 20th.

"I think I'm going to come back, I want to come back next year," said Maddux, who returned to the Cubs last year after 11 seasons in Atlanta. "I was under the impression that I signed a three-year deal."

But Maddux doesn't think about the streak's importance to the game or its relevance in sports history, he said.
"Maybe they'll just drop the number to 13 or 14 or whatever," Maddux said. "I just worry about throwing a good pitch -- making pitches -- and let everything else away from that just go. I'll do it my next two starts and I'll do it for the next however many starts I have left in my career."

Throwing only 78 pitches, Maddux held the Brewers to four hits in eight innings while striking out four and walking none before leaving with a knot in his back, which he said won't affect his next start.

"That was pitch preservation," Baker said. "He made them all count. That's the thing -- the guy can pitch."
Ahead 3-0 in the fifth, Maddux also showed why he's won 14 Gold Gloves. Bill Hall doubled with one out and advanced to third on Russell Branyan's single.

Damian Miller, 10-for-26 lifetime against the four-time Cy Young winner, hit a liner up the middle that Maddux snared. Branyan, who had taken off, had no chance to return to the base as Maddux casually flipped the ball to Derrek Lee to end the inning.

"I just got lucky," Maddux said. "I just threw my glove up and it stuck; every now and then you get a break and that was a break for us."

Brewers manager Ned Yost said Maddux's play affected his young team. The Brewers didn't have another baserunner until Ryan Dempster walked one in the ninth in picking up his 29th save in 31 opportunities.

"There's not a lot of pitchers that can catch that ball," Yost said. "That ball was smashed."

The game was scoreless in the third when Michael Barrett led off with a double against Rick Helling (2-1). Maddux swung away after showing bunt and hit a pop fly, but Neifi Perez flared a double off the left field line to make it 1-0.

Helling, who finished after six innings with three earned runs, three walks and five strikeouts, got out of trouble in the fourth after walking the first two batters but couldn't escape again in the fifth.

Barrett walked, Maddux struck out attempting to bunt and Perez singled. Helling then threw a pitch about four feet over the head and wide of Miller, scoring Barrett and sending Perez to third. Todd Walker's sacrifice fly gave Chicago a 3-0 lead.

Behind Maddux, the Cubs avoided being swept for the second time this season in Miller Park.

Maddux threw just 66 pitches in seven innings and hadn't thrown more than 11 pitches in any inning to that point despite rarely reaching above 85 mph. Still, he retired the Brewers in the seventh on five pitches.

"It was vintage Maddux," said Yost, who was on the Braves staff from 1991 to 2002. "I don't think there's a team out there that can beat him when he's on like he was today."

Game notes
The Brewers activated pitcher Julio Santana from the 15-day disabled list. ... The Brewers have 10 wins in September. Last year, the Brewers won just 11 games from Sept. 1 on. ... Chicago went 7-9 against the Brewers this season. It's the first time the Cubs have had a losing record against Milwaukee since 2002.

星期三, 9月 07, 2005

Osaka 2005 之4

在南紀白浜 有個 Adventure World http://aws-s.com/
裡頭有出名的熊貓 趁機會去看

一進門沒多遠 就有企鵝在噴水池 讓遊客拍照

當天 園內有三隻熊貓 但都非常髒 破壞了它在我心目中的形象

Osaka 2005 之3


三段壁洞窟をご覧いただく前に、少しでも熊野水軍のいわれなどを読んでみてください。 また一味違うロマンに浸れるかも知れません。



湛増は元々平家方として知られていたが、我が子弁慶の要請もあり、どちらに加勢すべきか迷っていた。そこで田辺の宮の神前で、紅の鶏を平家、白の鶏を源氏とみて七番の闘鶏を行い、神意を占った。 結果は七番とも白鶏の一方的な勝利であった。 これにより湛増は、神は源氏につけとのお示しと拝受し、熊野水軍に源氏方への加勢を呼びかけた。 そして直ちに総勢二千余名が二百隻の船に分乗、源平両軍が対峠する屋島ノ浦に向かって田辺の湊を出発したのである。

屋島ノ浦では両軍が、姿をあらわした船団を見つけ、敵か見方かと見守る中、船上に仁王立ちになった湛増が大音声に 「紀国熊野新宮に仕え奉る七代の熊野別当湛増、神威を奉じて源氏の軍に馳せ参じ申した。率いるは熊野水軍二千余名、船艘二百。 神意を伺い奉るに『氏に味方せよ』との仰せである。 神意は絶対である。 いざ、熊野水軍の力のほどをお目に掛けよう」 源氏の軍から湧き起こる大歓声。

熊野水軍のこの参戦は源氏にとって、百万の力にも値したことであろう。 そしてこれが、源平合戦に終止符を打つ要因の一つになったのである。

Osaka 2005 之2


南紀白浜名勝・古跡 三段壁洞窟
屏風のように濃緑の海に直立する高さ50〜60メートルの絶壁。 そして、その岩層深くに眠る、かつては熊野水軍の舟隠し場所であった海侵洞窟。 ここは大自然のダイナミックな景観と千古の神秘、歴史ロマンに出会えるところ。

洞窟内から太平洋の大海原をご覧いただけます。 風がきついときのうねりや波は見るものを圧倒する迫力があります。 ただし、台風時など非常に危険な場合はご覧いただけません。

Osaka 2005 之1

回旅館時 在車上拍的 旅館外觀

溫泉旅館裡拍的 日落景象

星期一, 8月 22, 2005


先是要抽 CB帳號 買了本雜誌
好不容易 有了帳號 又因網路連線問題
又一直當機 跳出遊戲
搞了半天 猜測是RAM的問題

買了兩隻Kingston DDR 512 MB RAM

調整了老半天 又換上D-sub的線
才發現是我超頻 和新裝的RAM有衝突
把BIOS整個清除掉後 不超頻的下去跑

又把解析度 調高到 1280*1024

星期一, 8月 15, 2005

World of Warcraft - Closed Beta

之前看到在7-11買PC Gamer 可以有機會拿到【魔獸CB帳號啟動碼】
馬上就跑去買了一本 上網填上序號 想說看有沒有機會拿到
8/13星期6收到掛號了 果然很守信用

興致很高 希望不會讓我失望

星期五, 8月 12, 2005

日本街頭的宣傳品 Shick Quattro4




趕著去搭火車到白濱温泉 路上的小姐發的宣傳品
我以為是面紙 所以並沒拿
回過頭來 再經過時才發現是刮鬍刀

Rio Carbon Pearl - part II


產品上方 仔細看可以發現反射出我拍照的手和鏡頭



當初是在這個網站上看到 才決定要買的
以價格和他的效能來說 非常值得
還沒去日本時 便做足了功課
便是這個MP3 Player了

Rio Carbon Pearl - part I

Rio Carbon 外包裝


接上USB界面 正在讀寫中

加上皮套的Rio Carbon


這是我的第一台MP3 Player
看中他的原因是 可以很方便的錄音

5GB of memory stores up to 1250 songs**
Built-in mic for voice record
Drag & drop data and music files
Rechargeable battery - up to 20 hours
USB 2.0 for faster downloads
Charge from USB or Power Adapter
Plays MP3, WMA & Audible(R)

星期三, 7月 27, 2005

Maddux 3,000th strikeout

Maddux今天又達成一項新的里程碑 舊金山巨人隊的Vizquel成了他的第3000K的犧牲者
他成為歷史上第13位達成3000K的投手 同時 他也是歷年來第9位擁有300勝 3000K的球員
達成300勝&3000K一共有以下幾位 Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Walter Johnson and Phil Niekro.
Clemens and Maddux 是唯2的現役球員

今天這場球賽因為雨勢 延遲了2小時又43分才開打 Maddux主投8局 失分 有3個3振 2個4壞球 目前戰績8W 7L ERA為4.41

Maddux fans Vizquel in third inning for 3,000th strikeout

CHICAGO (AP) -- Long after Greg Maddux got his 3,000th strikeout, Jason Ellison singled home the go-ahead run in the 11th inning to send the San Francisco Giants to a 3-2 victory Tuesday night over the Chicago Cubs in a game that ended at 1:16 a.m. CDT.

Maddux became the 13th pitcher in major league history to strike out 3,000 batters when he fanned San Francisco's Omar Vizquel to end the third.

Deivi Cruz and Mike Matheny hit consecutive one-out singles in the 11th off Glendon Rusch (5-4). Michael Wuertz then struck out pinch-hitter Yorvit Torrealba before Ellison hit a 1-2 pitch up the middle to score Cruz.
Jason Christiansen (6-1) worked two innings of scoreless relief for the win, and Tyler Walker got three outs for his 16th save in 21 chances.

The start was delayed 2 hours, 43 minutes by rain, and the game lasted 3:28. The teams play again Wednesday at 1:20 p.m., just more than 12 hours after this one ended.

Pinch-hitter J.T. Snow put the Giants ahead with an RBI single in the seventh. But Michael Barrett greeted reliever LaTroy Hawkins with a leadoff homer in the eighth to tie the score at 2.

Maddux gave up eight hits and two runs in eight innings and struck out three.
Maddux got his 300th win last August in San Francisco, and Tuesday night became just the ninth pitcher to have both 3,000 strikeouts and 300 victories.

He struck out Vizquel on a 2-2 pitch on the inside corner, and a crowd of 39,002 at Wrigley Field, one that had waited out the delay and was popping flashbulbs once the game started, went wild.

Barrett took the ball and put it in Maddux's glove as he crossed the third base line on the way to the dugout, and several of his teammates stopped to hug him and shake his hand.

Seconds later Maddux emerged from the dugout for a curtain call to acknowledge the loud cheering and doffed his cap.
Needing two strikeouts to reach 3,000 before the game started, Maddux struck out leadoff hitter Ellison swinging in the first.

That elite 3,000 strikeout/300-win club includes Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Walter Johnson and Phil Niekro. Clemens and Maddux are the only active members.

Giants starter Noah Lowry allowed just four hits in five shutout innings and drove in San Francisco's first run with a fifth-inning squeeze.

Chicago tied it in the sixth when Barrett doubled off Scott Munter and raced home when rookie Matt Murton hit a broken-bat single to third and Edgardo Alfonzo threw low to first for an error.

Maddux takes different path to 3,000 strikeouts
By Tim Kurkjian

The Maddux brothers begin to train for spring training around Jan. 1. Mike Maddux, pitching coach for the Brewers, and Greg Maddux, future Hall of Famer, play catch. After a few minutes, Mike gets into a crouch and Greg, who hasn't thrown a baseball in two months, promptly throws strike after strike, nearly always hitting Mike's target.

"It's amazing," Mike said.

It's nearly as amazing that Greg Maddux, one of the best control pitchers in history, joined the 3,000-strikeout club Tuesday night when he threw a called third strike past San Francisco's Omar Vizquel in the third inning. There are only 13 members in the club: Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton, Bert Blyleven, Tom Seaver, Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton, Walter Johnson, Phil Niekro, Ferguson Jenkins and Bob Gibson.

Some of the 13 are among the best power pitchers ever. Not included are Jim Bunning, Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Juan Marichal, Don Drysdale, Cy Young and Pedro Martinez.

Maddux arrived at 3,000 in a different way than most -- that is, with few high-strikeout games or seasons. In his brilliant career, he has had only 16 10-strikeout games, 199 fewer than Ryan, 191 fewer than Randy Johnson and as many as Alex Fernandez. Maddux has one 200-strikeout season -- everyone else in the 3,000 club has at least three. Ryan, the greatest strikeout pitcher ever, had 15 200-K seasons and six 300-strikeout years.

What separates Maddux from Ryan, and everyone else in the 3,000 club, is his low walk total. Maddux has 894 walks, the lowest total of anyone in the group, 103 fewer than the second fewest, Jenkins (997). Everyone else has at least 400 more walks than Maddux. Clemens has 603 more; and Ryan, with 2,795, has 1,901 more.

"He is everything I wanted to be, but wasn't," said Sutton, a Hall of Famer, a 324-game winner and a member of the 3,000-strikeout club. "He has more natural movement than anyone I've ever seen. And he is one of smartest pitchers who has ever lived."

Maddux is, of course, one of the best of all time. A case can be made for Maddux being among the top six or seven pitchers ever, along with Walter Johnson, Lefty Grove, Young, Spahn, Clemens and Christy Mathewson. Maddux has done what none of them did, what no one in major-league history has done: win 15 or more games for 17 straight seasons (the second-longest current streak among active pitchers is four seasons).

And yet Maddux has done it without much flash or flair, partly because of his low-key personality. Sutton tells the story about asking Maddux, then the best pitcher in the game, to have dinner with him several years ago at Ruth's Chris Steak House. Maddux politely declined, saying he was going back to his hotel room to eat leftover pizza and play a video game that, he said, "I just can't beat, but tonight is the night I'm going to win."

Maddux has won more than 300 games in his big-league career, and is now one of nine pitchers in history with 300 wins and 3,000 strikeouts. He grew up in Las Vegas, in the shadows of the casinos, and has made a living reading hitters the same way great poker players read the guy across the table. Once asked how smart Maddux is, Sutton said, "Very, but he is wiser than he is smart. I don't know if he could be the president of Harvard, but he could run Bally's."

Maddux has rarely pitched faster than the low 90s, and mostly has pitched somewhere in the 80s, but has located his fastball as well as anyone in history and has always had one of the game's best changeups. He is robotic in his preparation and execution; he once predicted that the first hitter of the game would fly out to deep left center, and, of course, that's exactly what he did.

That's what makes his entry into the 3,000-strikeout club so impressive: Maddux got there without power or heat, but with smarts and strikes.

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Greg Maddux throws during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday, July 26, 2005, in Chicago. Maddux got one strikeout during the inning for the 2,999th of his career.

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Greg Maddux, top right, is congratulated by teammates Derrek Lee, left, Todd Waker (7) and Neifi Perez (13) after striking out San Francisco Giants' Omar Vizquel to get the 3,000the strikeout of his career, during the third inning Tuesday, July 26, 2005, in Chicago.

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Greg Maddux tips his cap after striking out San Francisco Giants' Omar Vizquel for the 3,000the strikeout of his career to end the top of the third inning Tuesday, July 26, 2005, in Chicago.

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Greg Maddux, left, is congratulated by catcher Michael Barrett after Maddux struck out San Francisco Giants' Omar Vizquel for the 3,000th strikeout of his career, during the third inning Tuesday, July 26, 2005, in Chicago.

Chicago Cubs scheduled starting pitcher Greg Maddux, left, looks out at the field as the start of the Cubs game against the San Francisco Giants is delayed by rain Tuesday, July 26, 2005 in Chicago. Maddux is only two strikeouts away from 3,000 for his career.

星期一, 7月 25, 2005

Blind Guardian New drummer!

Blind Guardian的官網更新了 感覺較前一版好多了 上一版非常簡陋陽春 改為新版較有金屬團的味道 I like it!
另外也公佈了新鼓手人選 Frederik Ehmke 1968年出生 是全團最年經的 希望他們持續作出好音樂

New drummer!
Hi bards,

This time it fortunately is on me to deliver some good news. Very good news in fact!

The seemingly endless time of waiting for a new drummer and speculations who could possibly be the new one has finally come to an end. We have found what we have been searching for…

A few weeks ago an unknown guy who introduced himelf as Frederik Ehmke applied for the job as a drummer in a fairly firm manner. His vital, expressive and skillful performances of some B.G. classics ("Journey Through The Dark“, "Time Stands Still“ and "And Then There Was Silence“) blew us away completely . Pretending not to be convinced we invited him to do a shoot out recording session under real production terms to check out if the creative chemistry would also work out fine. After finishing these recordings it was obvious to us: Frederik is going to be our new drummer!

It was essential for us to find a musician, who on one side would be able to integrate old Guardian trademarks in his play, but on the other side would also be confident enough to bring in his own vision of the Blind Guardian drums in a tasteful and, for the music, suitable way. Frederik is a calm and handsome fellow, who’s aware of his abilities and who also knows what he wants. For us he is the lucky draw.

We are convinced you will be as impressed by his drum performance as we are. Now we are looking forward to starting the next album production. There is a good amount of work ahead of us but we are absolutely ready to go. You can expect a very interesting album with strong songs on it. We will keep you informed.